Video „Meine Hände“ – English

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by Maryam Motallebzadeh

A clouded sky, a gull and a piece of earth, its horizon means the whole world creating a minimum of landscape. A cry of a gull and the sound of heartbeat announce organic life: hands grow beyond the horizon first touching then digging, bathing themselves in the soil caressing themselves and the element. The hands begin to plant accompanied by the elementary sounds of nature, supplied by the motive of earth, water and air. With the visual rhythm of cuts and slow motion the landscape transforms into a flower, which narrates about the blossom of life and at the same moment it symbolizes the metaphor of decay. It dies and with her the hands, together they form the still life of vanity, which in the stream of rain returns to the original element of all life that is water. Sounds of elementary nature up to music underline the inherent tension between nature and culture.

The movie combines in a lyric shortness and density the circulation of individual life with fate of earth. This becomes especially clear with the sentence „I want from you Earth that you are dear to my hands“. The authoress writes in Persian letters with dark soil on light ground, so the narration of the movie experiences a change in the accentuation from a human being-nature-relation to the theme of migration.

Regina Gramse
(Historian of art)