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"Zweie" by Maryam Motallebzadeh

“Zweie“, (“The Two”) these are above all the natural elements of water and earth, rock and land, rocks and waves. But the battle of the element does not stand for itself. Allegorically it symbolizes political as well as religious conflicts. The film “Zweie” by the Persian artist Maryam Motallebzadeh illustrates the struggle in the psychic experience of different worlds. The counter current escalator, a tunnel or railroad tracks describe the irritation of the arrival in a foreign land. It is another place into which the suitcase is carried, a special place: lettered shoes, feathers on the ground, a bed, handwritings on a blanket, a black lettered white negligee.  The traveller at the window has arrived, but she is not alone. She is accompanied by her reflection, her culture, her history, her tradition. With knotted ribbons her wishes and memories are shown. Green and red, desire and restriction. A mosque in Tehran appears like a visible thought. The inscribed and fixed wallpapers unveil inspirations. The different letters  are mixed  like worlds of thoughts–Persian and German. In the doorway you can see a mirror. Living in spaces of two different languages throws a person back to his own- back into the depths of sleep. The unit of  both cultures  is a hanging ball over the bed. A Black geometric Instrument with white script, an artefact.

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